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Guest Blog: Finding body confidence in fitness

Here at Best You Self Care, we're all about cultivating a community who want to support each other, find confidence in fitness, discover the best in wellness, and feel their Best You this year and beyond.

Through our events and community, we want to give women a voice to share stories, thoughts and friendship during their wellness and fitness journey, in addition to sharing workouts, workshops and advice from top industry professionals. Through this blog, we'll be sharing a series of guest posts from some of our Best You community; from experiences, write ups of events and classes to recipes, workout advice and more.

First up is Emma Pollard. Emma is finding her body confidence again after getting back in to fitness and wellness, and we're really proud of her for doing so, and for sharing her story with the Best You Self Care community.

"I recently started back at the gym after some time away. It was so easy to be intimated by all the sculpted bodies in the gym. Especially when, like me, you're creeping up to the big 4.0. It’s intimidating to go and use the equipment, especially when you don’t feel confident in your own skin.

I actually felt scared, not something I was used to as I am normally pretty fearless, in life in general (or so I’m told). But in this situation it’s easy to let fear and anxiety take over.

In the end I thought this is ridiculous, and had a chat with myself. In terms of self care I would suggest looking inward for that confidence and only listen to yourself, in terms of what’s best for you. I found cultivating my Instagram feed helped. I would only follow people who were uplifting and inspiring. Or people who had insightful fitness tips to share. This builds my confidence and inspires me to work out, regardless of what I look like. I focus on the inside! :) "

Emma Pollard


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