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Guest blog: The Best You Brunch

Ever wondered what to expect at a Best You Self Care event? Last month we took over Eat at Eight in Shrewsbury for a wellness-themed, sold out brunch. With a room full of gorgeous women and a panel dropping the best knowledge bombs on all things fitness, mindfulness, managing stress and social media and more - we came together to talk about what wellness means to us over a delicious brunch.

Everyone received their very own print to take home too, to remind them of one of the key Best You messages. One of our attendees, Jane McIntyre, has written a guest blog all about the event and her experience - please read on to find out more!

The Best You Brunch - photo by Blue Fox Photo

Are you new to the whole #selfcare movement? Me too. So the #BestYouBrunch seemed like a great place to find out more. I mean…what’s not to like about pressing the pause button on a busy Saturday morning, and sitting down to eggs benedict, juice, coffee (and free Ombar chocolate buttons) while you hear some hints about taking better care of yourself?

The Best You Brunch - photo by Blue Fox Photo

I’ll declare an interest here—my eldest daughter Juliet was one of the organisers, and was introducing the panel members. But even with all those reasons to book, I had a couple of doubts: Firstly: Eggs Benny and buttons aside, with the majority of those attending under 30, would I feel really old? Secondly: As someone who tries her best to keep fit but doesn’t ‘do’ yoga or gyms, could I still find a way to invest in the wellness wave?

But it was fine. Although there was a bunch of women in the room around my age, I had a great chat over brunch with a talented young photographer, and age didn’t seem to matter: Because #selfcare was the driver here, I automatically felt I had something in common with everyone.

The Best You Brunch

The excellent panel talked about what wellness meant to them; how they juggle work and family time, and how being the best you can be…is different for everyone. It was great to hear Corrie aka @dizzybrunette3 and learn how she’s built a fantastic blogging brand—one you can dip in and out of for ideas and inspiration, without feeling, ever, that she ‘knows best’. I was a bit anxious about whether the fitness guys, Ultimate Fitness Experience - @tom_fitness_experience and @thepersonaltrainer1 would be relevant for me. A failed runner; I still try and get out most days for my morning miles but favour fresh air to the gym environment. But these guys were laid back; honest about the fitness movement, and clearly approach their work in a non judgmental, helpful way. And Toyah Emily ? I can’t lie—the idea of the #selflovesleepover that she co-founded ; a retreat..with yoga, a hot tub, the countryside..and cake..sounds like complete bliss. And if you think cakes made by @toyahemily, a vegan cook, are going to be plain and worthy…look at them, now!! Incredible creations! And like everyone on the panel, Toyah’s had her share of challenges and changes to face to get to where she is now.

The word ‘inspirational’ is often overused; but this event was just that. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming: there were women who’d turned up on their own; and even a group there as part of a birthday treat (great idea!) And I reckon all of us left with new ideas about self care and wellness. And chocolate buttons…..;)

Jane McIntyre

Jane McIntyre is a former Sony award winning BBC producer and newsreader. She now splits her time between life as a voiceover for some major global brands, and travel writing, as part of , who whizzed round the world in 57 days.


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